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Release Cash from your Car

Auto Equity Release

Unlock the cash in your car and keep driving. Your Vehicle must have a valid tax, NCT, insurance and be free or nearly free of finance

If you want monies fast that will be secured on your car, then Smart Loans Auto Equity Release Loan can help – and the process couldn’t be easier! You no longer have to sell your car to release its value, thanks to a Smart Loans Auto Equity Release product.

Auto Equity Release loan is when you transfer the ownership of your car to Smart Loans for the duration of the agreement and hand over the logbook (Vehicle logbook/registration document) for your car in exchange for a predetermined amount of money that is repaid over an agreed period of time.

You then enter a Hire Purchase agreement and contract for sale with Finance For You, where you can use and drive your car as normal. Once the amount financed/loan is paid in full, ownership of your car will immediately transfer back to you and your logbook/registration document is sent back to you via registered post.

Why an Auto Equity Release Loan may be a better alternative.

An Auto Equity Release loan is a fast and easy way to get monies if you have a damage credit rating or even without a guarantor. Instead of getting into awkward conversations with friends and family, you can simply let your car be your guarantor.

All you need to do is give your vehicle registration and mileage to find out how much you can borrow against the value of your car, and then once you’ve settled on a figure you simply handover your Logbook/registration document until you’ve paid off your loan.

You still get to drive your car but the lender becomes the legal owner, similar to how a mortgage works.

Why a Smart Loans Auto Equity Release Loan?

We’re a responsible and ethical lender and will only approve your application if you can realistically payback your loan.

If you miss payments or your situation changes, our friendly team are always here to help and work with you as long as you communicate with us.

We don’t let bad credit get in the way as we focus on your current circumstances and your current affordability, rather than on your past. Also, as a member if the Central Credit Register (ICB) we will be reporting on your loan repayments and this in turn will help repair your credit profile and thereby helping you access cheaper finance in the future.