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Bad Credit

What is Bad Credit?

Traditionally in Ireland, a poor credit history can hinder your ability to borrow money to purchase a Car or get a loan. We assess your application individually and are willing to approve loans for individuals even with a poor credit report or history.

Naturally, the interest rates charged for such loans are higher than traditional loans, as the associated risks are also higher. However and critically, Smart Loans is a member of the Central Credit Register, as you repay your loan to us, we will report this each month to the Central Credit Register and this will start to repair and improve your credit rating and report. Thereby, assisting you borrow in the future at lower rates.

So, if you have been declined for a Car or other loan as you have a less than prefect credit history contact us today. These loans are also subject to our current affordability and creditworthiness checks.

Advantages of a Smart Loan

  • Easy weekly/monthly repayments to suit your cash flow.
  • Loans approved even if you have a poor/bad credit history
  • No hidden upfront fees, charges or penalties
  • Simple, short and convenient application process, i.e online
  • Fast approval, using the latest technology, no need to take time off work and be put through a time consuming ‘examination’
  • Meeting your loan repayments will help repair and rebuild your credit history and profile