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About Us

About Smart Loans

Smart Loans was set up to cater for the fast-paced and ever changing needs of our customers all across Ireland. We offer very innovative, fair and personalised lending solutions for individuals that want tailored loans, regardless of their particular circumstances or their credit history.

Our aspiration is to become a leader in convenient, innovative and tailored consumer finance by focusing on leading edge technology solutions that benefit the customer, based on a sound understanding of their needs and challenges.

Want to change your car or get a loan, but unable to get credit due to no credit history or a damage credit history? Then Smart Loans may be able to help!

We assess each application on its individual merits. We are willing to approve credit applications for people with no or a damaged credit history. Rather than looking back, at ones credit history, we like to look forward.

Naturally, the interest rates charged will be higher than traditional credit as the associated risks are higher.

Smart Loans is a member of the Central Credit Register, so as you repay your Hire Purchase Agreement with Smart Loans this will start to repair your credit profile also. This will help enable you access credit in the future at lower rates.